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this just made my day

of all the horrible things i've sen in my life, you is seriusly struggling among the worst of all time. its so bad, it evens feels like you made it look bad on purpose, wich is clearly not the case.

instead of putting yourself on shame, i do recomend you to work way more on your drawings, story, plot, on basically EVERYTHING. as it is now, i'd really hate to see you believing that you did something good, wich you didn't.

if anything positive could ever be said of this, is that everyone starts with something. at leats, i'd just believe that getting this horrible abomination of crap destroyed and humilliated to its lowest posible rating will encourage you to re evaluate your work and put way more effort in your submissions.

you needed 4 days to do this?

just for some lines and sounds? it doesn't speak good of you son.

not bad...

anyway, maybe you can add some background sounds, to make it even more "unexpected ending"-ish

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well, you have something good here

needs some improvements, but it has what an addictive game needs: simplicity. add some changes, like the damage dealt by those rays, graphics and dificult increasing levels

Naois responds:

Fun and simple was what I was going for. Thanks for playing.
- Naois

almost saved

-fix the sound loop
-Minor gameplay problems(shooting sprites in movement is imposible)
-graphics(sprite based... i don't think it's a good idea)(backgrounds)
-and the whole game in general need to be redone

-it's halo. i like halo. and that's the only reason why i just gave a 3 and not a blam.

a complete piece of crap

But it's fun!

it has got my 5

Wonchop responds:


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sup rokkan!

looks like you're the top pixel atm :D

Rokkan-Saturn responds:

oh metaru~ tee hee hee *blushes*

I am indeed amazed

Specially when i read you made this form scratch on Ms Paint i went like "Whoa this guy has talent". certainly, saving it as a JPEG format not only killed the details with lots of undesirable artifacts and poor image compresion but also with thefact that i am still wondering how you managed to, in MSpaint- select and apply over 3.4k colors using only a simple red/white gradient. not saying that this is nowhere near being pixel art(or that doing stuff on MS paint doesnt turn it Pixel Art automatically neither, even when doing stuff on pixel art doesnt turn it Pixel Art automatically). but i'd reccomend that you either upload another version in a GIF/PNG format since they are well known for they quality-loss result when working pixel art images.

WritersBlock responds:


Hey Opacus

looks like everyone is leaving their works here aswell

Part time Pixel Artist, full time Mechanic. if you want to hire me, dont doubt to send me an email~%u266A

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