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Saturn blinking Saturn blinking

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sup rokkan!

looks like you're the top pixel atm :D

Rokkan-Saturn responds:

oh metaru~ tee hee hee *blushes*

Apple Apple

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I am indeed amazed

Specially when i read you made this form scratch on Ms Paint i went like "Whoa this guy has talent". certainly, saving it as a JPEG format not only killed the details with lots of undesirable artifacts and poor image compresion but also with thefact that i am still wondering how you managed to, in MSpaint- select and apply over 3.4k colors using only a simple red/white gradient. not saying that this is nowhere near being pixel art(or that doing stuff on MS paint doesnt turn it Pixel Art automatically neither, even when doing stuff on pixel art doesnt turn it Pixel Art automatically). but i'd reccomend that you either upload another version in a GIF/PNG format since they are well known for they quality-loss result when working pixel art images.

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WritersBlock responds:


Monster Hunter Monster Hunter

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hey Opacus

looks like everyone is leaving their works here aswell

Kitala The Pirate Kitala The Pirate

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Its all about contrast

But i'm sure you're quiet aware about that. despite what someone else said about using dithering on the skin -wich would be a terrible idea-, what you should start working on is the shading. with over 96 colors and such a low contrast among most of them there's quite a lot of room for useful stuff such as working with some hue shifting for example.

also noticed that there are several artifacts on the image wich probably were created by saving the image in a poor quality GIF file, saying this so you could actually upload a proper image in order to fix the said issue.

and please, if this these are older works, i'd hope stuff like pillowshading is already solved. because in your other submissions the quality and technique is quite low.

Kitala responds:

Actually...dithering can be quite lovely on skin if it's done correctly? It's a shame it's a little beyond what i'd find "enjoyable" to do in MSP, however. Perhaps if I used gimp or something effortless. There are way more than 96 colors...also the use of multiple shading tends to look very...repetative. With higher contrast comes a more comic-book-like shading. I think it looks tacky and underdeveloped since anyone can just take a drawing and screw with the contrast using irfanview or something of the sort.

The cup, rum, and keg were smaller at one point. i got lazy. that's really the only stuff that may look low-quality, and i'll admit to that. lazyness :P it gets to the best of us

they are older works. especially Kanti. sarah really isn't too old. i've since stopped most of my pixel-work. i may or may not restart the old-lived passion. ive moved onto flash, though. so i doubt it.

thanks tho..

oh and i visited your userpage. i don't mean offense, as i see you like the comic-book look to your stuff. i prefer true-life colors. *shrugs* to each his or her own I always say. the skin was done quite nicely shade-wise although the hue is just way off for my taste but its okay ive seen a few pixel artists do that kind of stuff before. they usually like to take a fictional approach to their art. elves and whatnot. good luck to you, sir!

Giraffes are Fucking Badass Giraffes are Fucking Badass

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what the heck

this shit is not even pixel art. making it on MSPaint doesnt not make it pixel Art, just in case.

Hellstick responds:

Jesus christ...
First of all: I know it isnt propper pixelart. It's pretty easy to notice the difference between this, and real pixelart.

Secondly: I was in doubbt what category to put it in, because i knew it isnt pixelart, and as souch i asked on the forums and showed them an example of what i make to make sure i could avoid senseless shit like this.

Thirdly: On the forums they told me this: "Yeah. That's ok. You can still see the pixels and you drew it almost pixel by pixel. What they don't want in pixel art is a lot of anti-aliasing and hi-res images where it's almost impossible to see the pixels. There aren't rules on how big the pixels have to be, but if you use a lot of solid colors pixel by pixel, to shade and draw, that's considered pixel art. Whereas, a hi-res image with tons of soft photoshop brushes is not."

Forthly: Do you go around comenting on each and every drawing posted in the wrong section? Jesus christ, there's WAY more obvious misplaced drawings and yet you had the urge to comment on this? You werent even right in asumption meaning that your useless review is good for nothing then dragging the score down.

Fifth: I do respect if you think the drawing suck, but thats really not the case now is it? The reason why you rated 1 and why you called it shit is because it's "posted in the wrong section". You probably dont even think it's all that ugly. You're simply hating it because of the category, and that doesnt make sense. How stupid is that:S

Sixth: "Making it on MSPaint doesnt not make it pixelart" ... WIth that sentence you tecnicly approved of the drawing...

I think i pretty much covered what i wanted to say... Next time you have urge to be a prick go be it somewhere else and do it proberly.
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